Asian DUKAN is one of the best online Grocery Shop or store situated in Tooting, South London. Its exact address is Tooting High St, London SW17. The Asian DUKAN store is run by an Indian family. The owners of the online store have 44 years experience in the Asian grocery store. They have worked with the Patel Brothers which was established in 1973 in tooting.

The Asian DUKAN is an online shop for Indian products like basic supplies, groceries, Pickles & Chutneys, Herbs & Spices, Health and beauty, Pastes & Marinades, specialty items, fresh vegetables and Home ware. All kind of ingredients required to make any kind of Indian cuisine is available in the online shopping store. Pricing is very fair.

Their aim is to offer their customers an extensive variety of ethnic items and ingredients to an eternity changing culinary market, through a simple to utilize online website, which conveys straight to your door steps.

Patel Brothers didn’t start off in a retail outlet but in their home in the early 70’s, where Indian spices were rare to find on your local high street. The influx of Asian migration especially from East Africa meant a demand in spices, lentils and even rice. At the time only a few wholesalers would stock these products and they would not be local. Their father used to drive up to a place in East London and come back with a month’s supply; it was only when new found partners would ask him to get supplies for them, that he bought in a van and brought back sacks of spices and lentils. His partners would come home to purchase these products and soon the word spread. They still meet customers today, who usually remind them the days they use to come round to the house to pick their rations and now they are only complaining about parking. You can see where this has leaded them too.

The Owner family of the Asian DUKAN consists of four members the father, mother, sister and a brother. The family is passionate foodies as they have born into a spice shop and they mostly use to talk about dinner and lunch.

Being energetic about their sustenance and the quality of their products for their clients is their top need. They intend to convey a similar quality in this online business of their own, where clients use to go to their home. Now they are coming to customer’s homes.

They love their customers and always welcome their suggestions and feedback. They have placed a special portion in their online site where customers can suggest and file their complaints. They took the complaints serious and take steps to solve all customers’ issues and to improve standard. All are recommended to shop from this online store and get their required items in a standard average rate.

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